Online contact regular update on April 16th

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We would like to thank our customers for using Online Contact.
To provide better service quality, updates will be made as follows.
For further details, please refer to the information below.
■ Date of progress: Non-stop service update between 06:30 and 08:00 on April 16, 2024
■ Influence: Occurrence of temporary transient phenomenon
■ Update contents
The items below apply only to *
1. Improved ticket detail history
- Added ticket details inquiry and inquiry field setting function
- Separation of Submission & processing type depth and Agent and Customer fields
- Added ‘Ticket Detail History Extraction’ permission function in ‘Agent Management’
- Added 'Unmasking' management function when extracting 'ticket details' (Global management > Security settings > Handling Personal information)
- Added ‘Data Extraction Log’ and ‘Personal Information Handling Log’ menu (Global Management > Log Management)
2. Added ability to edit email response title when processing tickets
3. Solved the issue of search history being reset when moving the list after closing the ticket search area.
4. Improvement of ticket list display delay phenomenon
5. When entering the ‘Ticket Management’ menu, the automatic ticket search at the top has been changed to link to the ‘Information Page’
6. Other UI design improvements and error resolution
Additionally, the 'Automatic conversion process to {organization ID} when accessing {organization ID}' that was announced on March 21st
In order to provide more stable service, the reflection schedule has been postponed, and we will provide additional information once the update schedule is confirmed.
Online Contact is working to provide better service.
Thank you