[Guide] Online contact domain use request and automatic conversion

Registered date : 2024.03.21 Heading:Announcement

We would like to thank our customers for using Online Contact.

As announced in advance and through pop-ups,
If you are using an older version of {org} when accessing online contact.
After April 16, 2024, it is scheduled to be converted to a new version of {orgID}

Currently, if you access {org}, a new version of online contact is provided.
Before batch conversion, please check the changed functions in advance and make sure there are no issues with use.
(If using the help center page, change to *

■ Progress schedule and contents
Batch conversion to new version at 07:00, April 16, 2024
: When accessing {Organization ID}, it will be automatically converted to {Organization ID}

Please refer to the schedule and cooperate so that work is not affected.

Online Contact is working to provide better service.

thank you