Online contact regular update on March 12th

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We would like to thank our customers for using Online Contact.


To provide better service quality, updates will be made as follows.

For further details, please refer to the information below.


■ Date of progress: Non-stop service update between 07:00 and 08:00 on March 12, 2024
■ Influence: Occurrence of temporary transient phenomenon
■ Update contents
1. Change paragraph processing to line break processing when entering enter in the editor.
2. Improvements to enable overlapping connections to other organizations or services when linking the DuRay project
3. Added a function to set whether to expose or hide the ‘email’ item on the ticket details screen.
4. Solve the phenomenon of missing or duplicate tickets during data transfer
5. Added group order sorting function when setting agent group exposure order and ticket delivery.
The group order is applied to the exposure order of the group in charge selected when creating/delivering a ticket/transferring an issue.
Try setting the order of groups by prioritizing groups with high ticket delivery frequency.


※ Note
The information below applies only to groups created before this update.


1. For groups with no existing change history, the Modified date is displayed as '- (Dash)'.
The modified date is displayed from the time information such as group name or group members is changed.


2. The group order is also displayed as '- (Dash)' until the order is set.
① If you want to set the group order, click the Set group order button at the top left of the [Service Management → Agent → Group] screen.

② Change the group order in the Set group order dialog box.
③ Press the Save button at the bottom.

Online Contact is working to provide better service.

Thank you.