[Ticket] What is the process of submitting/answering tickets when external channel is activated?

Registered date : 2020.10.05

Inquiries submitted into external SNS can be switched to tickets and processed by Online Contact. Currently, we support Twitter and Kakao Talk.

1) Twitter
When a Twitter account is connected (Service Management → External Channel → Twitter), the tweets (mentions) and messages received through the account become switched to tickets.


Tickets submitted through Twitter contains information as follows.
- Channel : Displayed as Twitter(Tweet), Twitter(DM)
- User Account : Twitter User ID (Unable to change)

If you resolve or pend tickets after entering your answers, the answer will be tweeted (mentioned) for tickets submitted by tweets (mentions), and messaged for tickets submitted by direct messages.

2) Kakao Talk

By activating the message entry from Kakao Talk and connecting Kakao Talk account (Service Management → External Channel → Kakao Talk Plus Friend) the messages received through KakaoTalk will be submitted through chat function provided by Online Contact.

Chat submitted through Kakao Talk contains the following information.
- User key : User-specific key given to the user (Unable to change)
- Channel : Displayed as Kakao

If you submit your reply in the chat widget, the answer will be sent via KakaoTalk.