[Ticket] How can I use answer templates?

Registered date : 2020.03.05

Procedure for registering and using templates is as follows.



1. First, ① add a processing type category from [Service Management → Ticket → Manage Category] menu.



2. Then click the '① Add Template' button on the [Service Management > Ticket > Manage Template] menu and create a template.
Items that need to be filled out are as follows.


- ② Title
- ③ Contents : The contents of the template. Replacement codes could be added by double-clicking in the code list on the right.
- ④ Search Code : Search code can be used to search templates when processing tickets. (Combination of English letters and numbers up to 20 characters)
- ⑤ Template Connection : You can select the processing type to connect with the template.



3. If you select a processing type when processing a ticket, the template connected with the selected type will be displayed in the list and can be used to reply inquiries.